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The Freedom of Russia Legion. Soldiers Silent and Caesar sit in a bulletproof van. 05 January 2023, Kramatorsk, Ukraine.

Forsvarets Forum: Russerne som dreper russere

Some of the last evacuees from Bakhmut. Vitaliy Petrovna has just arrived at the aid station. 02 February 2022, Kramatorsk, Ukraine.

Aftonbladet: De är sist ut från Bachmut – efter månader av krig

The Isidia Clinic maternity ward has been relocated underground due to Russian shelling. Inna Romanchuk, 30, breastfeeds her newborn son Mark, 24 March 2022, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Aftonbladet: Här föds barnen i ett skyddsrum – medan bomber faller utanför

Atmosphere from a calm moment in the trenches on the front line, 27 February 2023, Donbass, Ukraine.

Aftonbladet: "Vad är poängen med att vara rädd, om det ändå inte kan skydda dig?"

The grey areas of collaborating with the Russians while under occupation: Olena Demchenko, a teacher who cleaned a school for the Russians in exchange for food, reads to her eight-year-old daughter Julia. 23 June 2023, Izium, Ukraine.

Morgenbladet: Jakten på medløpere i Ukraina: Er hun en landsforræder?

The culture war in Ukraine and the impact of Russia's full-scale invasion on gay rights. Artur Ozerov (33), a coffin builder, military man, and beekeeper, publicly came out as gay after the war broke out. Known on stage as Aura, she is seen removing her dress backstage after performing drag at G-Club Versace, a gay bar in downtown. 19 August 2022, Kyiv, Ukraine.

One year of war, we followed Ukrainian men. Vlad poses for a portrait in his bedroom after being injured fighting in Kharkiv, Ukraine, 07 January 2023.

Forsvarets Forum: De var vanlige menn - nå er de soldater